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Petrochemical, Environmental & Hydraulic Engineering Consultants
ABN 11 153 120 962

P.O. Box 1045
Hunters Hill, NSW 2110

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Merewether, NSW 2291


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+61 402 497 287

Tank and Line Tightness Testing Service

Our tank and line tightness testing services consist of volumetric and non-volumetric testing of UST's, UPSS, AST's, and product dispensing systems for fuels or chemicals. We also provide electronical / mechanical leak detecting testing to ensure the system is functioning properly, and to meet the testing requirement for automatic line leak detectors. IES performs calibrated leak simulations to verify positive shut down or flow restriction.

Leak Detection Services

Integral Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd. (IES) technicians have discovered over the years that when it comes to leak detection in the fuel and chemical storage industry, that no one single method or technology performs optimally in all situations. We use state of the art leak detection technologies, along with many decades of experience, to provide solutions for a host of problems ranging from tank system water intrusion, fuel or chemical leaks in the tank or piping systems.

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Leak Detection
  • Enhanced Leak Detection
  • Automatic Line Leak Detector Testing;
  • Automatic Tank Guage (ATG) Maintenance and Calibration;
  • Water Intrusion Investigations;
  • Tank Shifting or Movement Investigations;
  • Integrity Assessments;
  • Secondary Containment Testing;
  • Tank Tightness Testing;
  • Line Tightness Testing;
  • Cathodic Protection Investigations and Surveys
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